1. I exist because of sunshine. And coffee. Not necessarily in this order.
  2. Originally I am an economist, but completely incompetent to be a financial expert, because I am somewhat at odds with numbers and terrified of accountancy.
  3. I had not know I loved photography until I tried. Same happened later with paragliding, mountain climbing and sarcastic humour.
  4. My favourite hobby is laughing. Second one is eating a Hungarian delight called ‘túrórudi’.
  5. I am a free soul, therefore from time to time I get my backpack and go climb an active volcano, get my ass bitten by a jellyfish or have some exotic tropical fever.
  6. Once I cut my hair really short just to see how do I look like. Since then I rarely wipe the dust on the mirror.
  7. I don’t like cooking. Maybe this is because I can not cook. I like eating, though. I have a feeling that these two facts are the exact reasons why my best friend is a professional cook.
  8. According to yellow press, I once pushed the shutter button for an entire day without even stopping for a minute.
  9. I am not ashamed for being happy and this makes  people with the same defect like me. Apart from this I am said to be a good person.
  10. Oh, yes! I love photography. And travel. And telling stories. And swim in the sea naked. Mind-the-map is strictly about the first three.


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