(Listen to the music while reading blog post. Big thanks for this song for Karine Gonçalves.) As a foreigner, it’s not easy to find a home for rent on Madeira island. It took me 5 weeks to get the tiny house where I settled finally. True though, that I’ve got it in a package, along […]

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Slow motion

(Listen to the music while reading blog post. This time big thanks to Laci Plattner for the music recommendation. Come to Madeira!) Ocean on my left-hand side, mountain on the right-hand side. I’m sitting on a chair warmed up by sunshine, the scent on my clothes is sun-perfume, just like on my hair. There are […]

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Don’t stop me now

(Listen to the music while reading blog post. This time Tatiana és Catarina de Lacerda gave me the idea of this song, huge thanks for it!) Madeira. Summertime in winter, colourful flowers everywhere, the sunshine gently warms up your soul, the ocean breeze touches your face. You open yourself up to embrace future experiences and […]

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Fishermen of Burma

(Listen to the music while reading blog post.) A couple of years ago in a gallery in London a photo literally took my breath away. On the picture a fisherman of Burma (yes, I know that the country’s official name is Myanmar, calling it Burma is a form of rebellion) was seen. Sunset scene, beautiful […]

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Desire for real

(Listen to the music while reading blog post.) Black magic and the rain I have an everything but magical relationship with rain. Last year I spent one month on Madeira island, it started raining thirty times a day. Then I spent two months on the Azores that is soooo green because of… yes, the rain. […]

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