Unusual neighbouring

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Excuse me, sir, would you mind helping me find my pants in the bush?’

I don’t know about you, but in my life this is not a usual fist sentence in an introductory situation. Life can not be predicted, though, and sometimes we just introduce ourselves for strangers in an unexpected way.
I might have mentioned that we were living in an attic, and from this fact it is obvious, that it is situated high above. It is not very hard to imagine either that wind blows a lot more fiercely up here than on the ground level. And finally, from time to time we also tend to wash our underwears. And let them dry on the sun like normal people.
Sometimes during hanging out our stuff we just ignore the power of the wind or just being in a lazy mood we don’t put clips on the clothes. And now, at this critical point I just let your imagination does the rest. Yep, of course, my panties has just landed in the garden of the neighbour. They are now hanging quietly on a branch of a bush and look accusatory.
OK, Meli, and now what?!

Well, in case it happened so, it is the right time to get acquinted with the neighbour. Please let her be a woman, let her be a woman, I repeat this as some kind of weird mantra, and at this very moment the gate of the garden opens up and the neighbour enters the home. A middle-aged man, certainly. Nice.
I guess this may not be the first panties he sees in his life, so I gather the last pieces of my self-esteem and shout out to him, hoping he has great sense of humour. I tell him Houston, we have a problem. I dropped something.
It is obvious that he had Portugal explorers amongst his ancestors, because he finds the panties at once and to his credit, he can resist to make any wicked little comments. He darts to the gate to bring them to me, but I stop him after finding a bucket on a leash. I simply let the bucket down and fish my panties blinking heavily and apologizing eagerly.

Take two, hang panties again, this time to a place protected from the wind. Chewing over the question whether our second conversation will be as exciting as the first one.


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