Sunrise over Pico do Arieiro – the devil cooks with piri-piri

(Listen to the music while reading blog post.)

It’s a bit different post. No story. Only pictures. Are we still good?
The third highest peak on Madeira island is called Pico do Arieiro, it’s 1818m (or 1850, somewhere I read this. or 1810, as the sign says at the peak. Well, I admit I didn’t measure it, so it can be any of the three). But numbers are not important, cause this place is truly magical. From here an amazing walk goes to the neighbouring peak, Pico Ruivo so if you are on the island and you like to feel tiny surrounded by huge mountains, this walk is a must.
I had the chance to do this walk a couple of times, so this time I dreamt about a slightly different experience. I imagined the sun rising above the clouds there and I knew I wanted to see that once. And my birthday gave me a good excuse to do it.
The rest you can see here. I did my best, but you need to understand that pictures can give you the experience. To be there, to be present in the moment, to feel the beauty, to be part of the universe, to make peace with everything and to just simply feel alive and enjoy it – no picture can give you this. You need to come here and live it for yourself.


(it starts!)(Pico do Arieiro, 1810m) (it’s hard to decide which direction to look. sun is about to rise in front of you, but behind you have this scenery. the two small dots on the pic are trail runners.) (scandalous colours)(…and the first rays give the peaks some golden glory)(it’s like the devil cooks some really hot dish in a pot in hell.)


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