Climbing Pico mountain, Azores

(Listen to the music while reading blog post.) ‘Because it’s there.’ said Edmund Hillary when he was asked why he had climbed Mount Everest. I could provide you with a similar answer for the question why I climbed Mount Pico. Although it’s significance in the history of mankind is obviously indifferent, it’s outstanding for me […]

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Fears before journey

(Listen to music while reading blog post.) I don’t really know why I’ve chosen this kizomba version of the soundtrack ‘Intouchables’ to accompany my post, somehow it is always the music that founds the proper post for itself. This movie is probably my all-time favourite because of its great humour, the human factor, because of […]

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Miracles of the Azores

(Listen to the music while reading blog post.) The Azores. This name still sounds exotic enough to my ears (and the Portuguese name even more, the Açores), although I have had enough time to get used to this. A couple of times, day by day, I pronounce it just for myself, when I simply love […]

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