(Listen to the music while reading blog post. This time this amazing song from the Into the wild soundtrack was Gergő Varenke’s idea, big thanks! The destination I recommend for you in return: the globe. You seem to feel home everywhere on it.) Mind the Map blog is about to go on holiday in July. […]

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Fears before journey

(Listen to music while reading blog post.) I don’t really know why I’ve chosen this kizomba version of the soundtrack ‘Intouchables’ to accompany my post, somehow it is always the music that founds the proper post for itself. This movie is probably my all-time favourite because of its great humour, the human factor, because of […]

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The bright side of being on a journey

(Listen to music while reading blog post.) I‘m sitting in the sadly gunky capital, staring at the fog and smog through the windows and trying to transform my coffee and inner sunshine into a blog post, while thinking about the dynamics of travel. Come with me and let’s see the bright side of life. I […]

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